We’ve been waiting for this since pre-registration days back in December. We knew it’s coming soon as it was confirmed for March 2017. Game was made available for iOS users first but now, the Android community can finally see what the fuss is all about the Super Mario Run. Nintendo has finally released the game and is now ready to download from the Play Store.

You guessed it right: the game is another action platform game that will have you tapping with only one hand. You’re not just running as you will need to do a lot of jumping as your finger does the tapping on the screen. Jump, spin, and do a wall jump as you reach for those coins.

Game is free to download but you can pay a premium for more levels, features, and modes including the new ‘Easy Mode‘ that was recently added aside from the three–World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

When you get the paid version, expect to see all courses in World Tour. There are about 24 courses across six worlds so you will not run out of new challenges to play. Choose from the many playable characters aside from Mario. There’s Luigi, Toadetter, and Yoshi among others. Note that this game needs Internet connection for you to play.

Download Super Mario Run from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Nintendo