We’re anticipating the time Nintendo finally releases the Super Mario Run. It’s been out for iOS and last Friday, game has hit the 50 million download mark. We’re certain the number is even higher today. We don’t know when the title will roll out exactly but Android users can now sign up and pre-register on Google Play Store. Expect to receive an alert from the tech giant as soon as Super Mario Run is ready for download.

We’re guessing the number will be even higher once the Android community gets wind of the game. Next to Pokemon GO, this is perhaps the biggest mobile game by Nintendo for this year. Super Mario is a popular hero from our childhood and we’re just glad that kids of today will get to experience Mario and his many adventures. It may not be the same as decades ago but this is another authentic Super Mario experience.

Mario will do a lot of moving and jumping as he’s popular known for. The familiar pipes, coins, and jumps are there. You need to do a lot of tapping, running, and jumping. Your ultimate goal is to save Princess Peach from Bowser aka King Koopa.

Game requires Internet connectivity to play so if you’re mobile, be wary of the data charges. There will be six worlds and 24 courses you need to clear. Finish them in one-handed play but you need to pay for them first for access. Yes, game is free to download but in-app purchases are offered.

Pre-register for Super Mario Run on Google Play Store