We told you we’d have the goods after that most awaited Nintendo Direct, and oh boy, it’s full up to the brim with details on Nintendo’s upcoming new game “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”. It looks to be the great game we all expected it to be, and pre-registration is now ongoing.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will have all the classic elements of the franchise which means players of the game will see their character in a location where they are able to interact with the animal inhabitants, and where a lot of customizing will happen. This time, you get to be a camp manager, and you’ll be customizing your camp. See the trailer below.

It looks like the game will revolve around crafting furniture from materials you can collect in different areas. The map size is ample, and you can move around by using your camper van home, which is also very much customizable as one would expect from an Animal Crossing game. The social element of the game allows you to meet up with other players to trade items.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp certainly has the potential to be Nintendo’s biggest game yet, and the free-to-play model will only help it become viral pretty quick. Animal Crossing seems to be a nice fit for smartphones, so expect to see a lot of people try out this game. You can already pre-register for the game. If you want to see the in-depth discussion, check out the source video below.

SOURCE: Nintendo