‘Clandestine: Anomaly’ is an augmented reality tower defense game

Tower defense games as a genre has but all been played out on the mobile platform. Blame it on the perfect union of a touch screen device and a game well-suited and paced for said platform. So believe us when we say we might have seen TD games in all of its possible incarnations – save possibly this new one. “Clandestine: Anomaly” attempts to mix augmented reality (AR) gameplay with standard tower defense mechanics.

Explore a strange world with Barmark, now on Android

Not all games are meant to have specific goals or can be used to be competitive by gathering points or you play to avoid certain death from monsters or enemies. Some are just created to be played and enjoyed, not matter how strange they are. This seems to be what Barmark is about, a point and click exploration game with “no goals, no points, and no death”. And with the pressure off, you are free to just explore the world and enjoy what it offers.

It’s a Warhammer kind of Humble Bundle for you

A new Humble Bundle is out, and it’s directed at all of you Warhammer fans out there. By this time, you all know what the guys at Humble Bundle are all about – committed to bringing you games on the cheap while funneling all that gaming money you spent to good causes. And here they come again, their factory line of gaming bundles never seems to end – this time, the bundle is full of Warhammer goodies.

Explore the next space frontier with Cosmonautica, now on Android 

They say that in a few years or decades, space will be the next frontier that earthlings like us will be able to explore. But until then, we’d have to be content with just virtually exploring the various planets and galaxies with tons of mobile games available that are set in space. Cosmonautica is one of the newest ones in the market, and you can become the best trader, smuggler, pirate, and even space taxi driver that you can be as you explore the world of space trading.

Hit a hole in one for your life in Battle Golf,now on Android

If you think golf is one of the most boring sports ever, then you might be right (sorry, golf fanatics). But then again, the stakes may not be that high in real life to make it more exciting. If you’re fighting for your life against giant octopi and angry whales, then maybe it will become a bit more alive and fun, even if it’s just on your smartphone or tablet. That’s what the new Android game, Battle Golf, will try to do; change your mind about golf by making it more exciting in virtual life.

Shooting Stars: shoot your not-favorite stars to save the world

The credo a few years back was “save the cheerleader, save the world”. But a new Android game wants to start a thing called “shoot the celebrities, save the world”. Okay, they’re not exactly saying we actually shoot the celebrities, but it’s probably a statement about our pop culture and celebrity-obsessed culture that the “enemy” in this game are actual stars (not the celestial kind) but in this case, they are aliens. Are you ready to shoot some stars in Shooting Stars?

Level Up! Top 5 Games of July 2015

It's been quite a while and a very busy month, especially with new high-end devices that have popped up, like the new OnePlus 2 and the Moto X Style and Moto X Play, all viable smartphones for gaming. And while we're waiting for Samsung to make its pitch in about two weeks, we can while the days away with some of the best Android games that are gracing our screens this month. From long overdue sequels to PC games come to mobile, welcome to Android Community's top five picks for the month of July 2015.

Hidden Temple lets you explore the deepest of the jungle in virtual reality

There may be a few virtual games available but we're certain that more and more developers will soon enter the VR gaming arena. For now, let's focus our attention on those devs and gaming studios that have already worked hard to release mobile games that will allow a unique gaming experience to those who have their VR devices. If you have a Google Cardboard or a Samsung Galaxy Gear VR, you are free to download and enjoy this new game called HIDDEN TEMPLE - VR ADVENTURE.

Spacecom will test your wits in this complex, starfleet command strategy game

First and foremost, don't be deceived by the seemingly simple gameplay of Spacecom because it's really not. This strategy game will challenge the ultimate strategist out of you in this starfleet command game. It requires you to make smart choices, movements, and even resort to deception to defeat the enemies and achieve victory. You need to focus, devise, and plan real-time tactics and try to learn from the military legends.

Challenge your brain and fingers with Shibuya Grandmaster 

There are games that when you first see and play them, you instinctively know how to play them, either because the mechanics are so familiar, or there are tons of other games like it in the market. And then every once in a while, you come across one that is unique, easy to play but difficult to master, and your brain and fingers just itch to accept the challenge. Shibuya Grandmaster may be one of those games and the arcade puzzler is now available on your Android devices.
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