Fight for (or as) Stan Lee in new Android game Hero Command

For legions of comic book fans, young and old, Stan Lee is a god, having brought to life iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. And for non-comic book fans, he is simply that guy who seems to show up for a few seconds and make people in the theaters gasp (again, the comic book fans) in every Marvel movie. But now he's taking on the role of a sort of superhero in the new Android game called Stan Lee's Hero Command.

Survive chaos by popping bubbles in 2D/3D environments in Mega Pang Galaxy

If you're getting bored with all the RPG and puzzle games you've been playing, you just look for new arcade games listed on the Google Play Store. You'll never run out of titles to play because new ones are being added each day. Mega Pang Galaxy is a new game from Alima Studios that challenges you to finish and clear the stages before screen is full of bubbles. Survive chaos by exploring new levels and dimensions.

Minecraft Pocket Edition getting skins update, plus more features

If you’re into Minecraft and you play the Pocket Edition on your android mobile device, then listen up – this update for you. That’s right, Mojang is set to roll out an upcoming update that will give players a lot of new things to do, with the major thing of being able to change your player’s skin the main highlight of this update.

Breath of Light is another relaxing, enchanting puzzle game

Here's another puzzle game that will hypnotize you and probably make you addicted to it: Breath of Light. The name alone gives a feeling of happiness, lightness, relaxation, and comfort. If you're looking for an app that will help you relax, destress, and meditate--this one is it. The puzzle game features a soundtrack so hypnotic by Winterpark. Think of Zen gardeing, Indian Buddhist art, and Sumi-e inks and you'll experience them with the Breath of Light app.

Go on a space adventure with Plancon: Space Conflict

If it's been one of your life dreams to pilot a craft in space but of course you know it probably won't happen in this lifetime (unless, you're in some kind of training with NASA now), at least you know you can always turn to apps and games to fulfill that goal. One game you can play is Plancon: Space Conflict which mixes space exploration and alien invasion in one epic adventure in the outer reaches of the universe.

Live out your secret pianist dreams with Touch Pianist – Tap in Rhythm

You probably wanted to be a renowned concert pianist when you were young, but by your fifth piano lesson, you knew that dream was never going to come true. Either you didn't have the patience and discipline, your teacher was a nightmare, or you just realized how many hours a day you would need to practice to reach that dream. But now, you can digitally live out that dream with Touch Pianist, a new game available for Android devices.

Empower Mixels to survive Nixelstorm, fight Nixels in Mixels Rush

Familiar with Mixels? The comedy animated television series on Cartoon Network which first aired early in 2014 now has a mobile game for the Android platform. Those who watch the series will find this as funny and crazy because all the Mixels are heroic, powerful, and always fun to play with. In Mixels Rush, you need to fight the Nixels. Seriously, they're too annoying so you gotta get rid of them.
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