Baldurs Gate II Enhanced Edition makes its way to Android

Beamdog has done it again. The game developers have successfully ported and launched the sequel to one of the most popular classic computer RPGs of all time, Baldur's Gate II, in its enhanced and remastered form. Now gamers both old and new can get a chance to relive the good old days or forge new adventures using nothing more than the small but powerful computer hidden in their pockets. Of course, like in many games, a good adventure has a price to be paid.

Bit Dungeon II: Game to save your soul from eternal damnation

Games where you never die and just run endlessly through various locations can be a drag sometimes. You want to be challenged by something that might results in a virtual death where you have to start all over again. A sequel to a roguelike game may just be the thing for you if you feel up to facing permadeath. Welcome to Bit Dungeon II's world.

Go around the virtual world in 80 Days game for Android

When you ask people what they would do if they had a million dollars, a lot would answer that they would travel around the world. Well, if you don't have a million dollars but would still like to do it, albeit digitally and virtually, maybe you'd like to try 80 Days on your Android devices.

Chicken Invaders 5 Clucks its way to Android

Chicken Invaders is a new game that has landed on the Android operating system that puts players into a battle against invading intergalactic chickens. These intergalactic chickens are focused on getting revenge for the oppressed chickens of Earth.

Lindsay Lohan enters mobile gaming market with Price of Fame

What do you do when your movie career is heading nowhere, you've become the butt of jokes of comedy writers, or worse, an object of pity as a "former child actor gone horribly wrong" cautionary tale? Why come up with a branded mobile game or app of course? The latest to enter the fray, after Kim Kardashian's extremely successful Hollywood game, is Lindsay Lohan with her "Price of Fame" app, now available on Android.

Crossy Road is one endless arcade hopper game

Android gamers have been longing for the Crossy Road game on their devices. No need to wait as Crossy Road is now available on the Amazon App Store. Be prepared to know why the game is popular on the App Store and why it has a 5-star average. Game is free to play so you'll get to enjoy endless freeways, rivers, and railroads to cross. In-app purchases are offered so don't be surprised if you'll be tempted to spend a few dollars.

Viber Games to come soon to your Android smartphones

Nowadays, just being an "ordinary" messaging service may not be enough anymore, given the fierce competition with all the free messaging apps available for mobile devices. Viber is one of the most popular ones, but they're not resting on their laurels. They recently announced a new platform called Viber Games, which will be rolling out to several countries in the next few days and is expected to launch worldwide by January 2015.

Help tiny Volt escape from the recycling center

What will it take you to finally see the light and understand that recycling is a must in this day and age? If you're human, you'd know that it's okay to throw or bring old stuff to the recycling center. But that's a different thing if you are the one being thrown away. No, this isn't Toy Story 3 but the new Volt mobile game kinda reminds me of the Disney movie. It's about Volt (no, still not a Disney movie), a battery on the loose, who wanted to get out of the facility to escape. Problem is, Volt has got no legs so how is this poor tiny battery getting out?
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