Dolphin Emulator ponders version 5.0 release candidate

We wrote about this software called Dolphin Emulator before because we wanted to bring you up to speed on possibly the only group trying to bring emulation of old Nintendo Gamecube and Wii games to the Android platform. There has been a lot of progress in the release candidate for version 5.0, and we’d like to point out a few – specifically the move to bring Dolphin Emulator to Android TV platforms, and the current effort to provide usage for Wii remotes.

DraStic DS Emulator for Android gets an update

For people wondering why you don’t see a lot of Nintendo DS emulators on the Android platform, you have to understand that Nintendo’s DS handheld gaming console is a pain in the back for emulator developers. The number of input methods – standard gamepad, touchscreen, voice – and the way the Nintendo DS brilliantly makes use of all of them is a beast to port to Android. That said, the DraStic DS Emulator app does a pretty good job of it.

The Smart Boy is the Nintendo smartphone we all deserve

We have long conceded that Japanese gaming giant Nintendo is not likely to get into the smartphone business. Heck, maybe even the company itself has conceded that their hardware business just isn't up to par – judging from the lack of effort to update the Wii and Nintendo DS mobile platforms. But we begin to think what could be, with this -- when asked to concoct a concept based on a classic gadget that could have a life as a smartphone, Bangkok-based designer Pierre Cerveau came up with this beauty: the Nintendo Smart Boy.

Nintendo, DeNA to put out first mobile game by end of 2015

Nintendo has famously said that it will “take it slow” when they finally jumped on the mobile game bandwagon. For this, they struck a partnership with mobile game developers DeNA specifically for their mobile gaming nous. We’re finally nearing the point where we can start speculating about which Nintendo franchises will turn up officially on mobile, as both companies have come out saying the first game will be out by end of 2015, with the rest following until April 2017.

Nintendo prefers using “free to start” term for free games

While a lot of mobile users would prefer to always see the term "free" when looking for games to play on their devices, the head of one of the biggest game providers would rather not use the term "free to play" in describing the games that they put out, as it gives a different impression. He would rather people know that they can play the games for free at first, and then they have the option to making real-life payments later on, if they want to finish the game faster or advance further.

Dolphin Emulator for Android to take advantage of 64-bit ARM technology

If you haven’t heard of Dolphin Emulator or are not sure of what it is really, we actually wouldn’t be surprised. Dolphin Emulator is a niche crowd type of software – originally an open-source emulator for Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii games on a Windows platform. Now they’ve been trying to bring the emulator to Android – “try” being the operative word – but the project has floundered so far because of the basic lack of computing power available on Android devices. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Pokemon Jukebox is a niche music app seemingly hated by all

Pokemon is a franchise that will usually guarantee success, unless you do something really stupid with it. You may have guessed where this article is going, but allow us to state the facts. The Pokemon Company – partly-owned by Nintendo – very recently launched their first ever Android app in the form of a niche music app called Pokémon Jukebox. The idea is that with this app, you can listen to hundreds of tracks from Pokémon games. But why is there so much vitriol for this app?

Alpha Squadron 2 is a Star Wars-like space shooter, free trial

If some of you have played Star Wars Rogue Squadron on a Nintendo 64 or Gamecube then you will have no trouble at all getting into Alpha Squadron 2. The games are very much alike, probably enough for the Star Wars developers to consider lawsuit options (we kid, of course). But if you’re up for some starfighter shoot-em-up time, then this game is for you.

Nintendo NX rumored to be running on Android

Ever since Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata back in March mentioned that they are working on a new gaming console, speculation has been rife about what the Nintendo NX will be all about. The latest news coming out of the grapevine is that the upcoming device will be running on Android to make it easier for third-party developers to create products for it as well. If there is any credence to this, it will join Nvidia as an OEM creating Android powered gaming systems.
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