With little notice, Google has made quite a few additions to the Play Store today. We saw some tablets and smartphones and also a few new folio style cases for the Nexus 7. The cases have arrived as the Nexus 7 Folio and are available in Bright Red and Black. These are compatible with the 2013 model Nexus 7 and available from today with a price point of $49.99.

Basically, these are not the cheapest cases you will find for your Nexus 7. But on the flip side, they do have some functionality. To start, they have the wake-up feature, which means the display will turn on when you open the cover. They are also compatible with wireless charging, so if you happen to be charing wirelessly — you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

And as a seen in the images here in the post, the front cover is tri-folding. This allows the user to prop the tablet in a position that would be good for typing and also a position that would be good for video watching. The case also has the appropriate cutouts for all the features and controls. Otherwise, adding the Folio case will add an additional 175 grams to the overall weight of the tablet.


Aside from this Nexus 7 Folio case, Google also added a white model of the Nexus 7. This white model is available with 32GB of storage and WiFi for connectivity. Google also added two new Google Play edition devices — a smartphone and tablet. The smartphone is the Sony Z Ultra and the tablet is the LG G Pad 8.3 and both are available from today and priced at $650 and $350 respectively.