In the continued Google Play Edition rollout for today, Sony has introduced their massive Z Ultra as a Google Play Edition device. Like the G Pad 8.3 we told you about earlier, this blurs the sizing we’ve come to expect from the Play Store. The Xperia Z Ultra, of course, blurs lines no matter what it does.

At 6.4-inches, it’s the biggest phone we’ve seen, and certainly the biggest Google Play Edition smartphone around. As it should, the Xperia Z Ultra brings all the spec heavy goodness from the “regular version”, but strips away much of the excessive software. While we don’t expect it to be completely stock — and we hope it isn’t, because Sony’s camera software is amazing — it will take away Sony’s slight Android skin.

At 6.4-inches and 1920 x 1080, the Z Ultra isn’t the most pixel-dense screen we’ve ever seen, but it’s really nice. It also houses the Snapdragon 800, and has an 8/2MP camera duo. The Z Ultra GPE comes 2GB RAM and 16GB memory, but also has microSD card support.

It is also unlocked, and supports all major GSM and HSPA bands. Sorry Sprint and Verizon customers, no CDMA version for you. The device is currently listed on the Play Store, and sells for the surprisingly low $649. If you’re in the market for a big, bad Sony, check it out via the Play Store. We like the bigger screen, though making calls can be a bit cumbersome. If you ever needed a reason to dust off that Bluetooth headset, this device is it.


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