Coming by way of a recently discovered FCC filing, it would appear as if we are getting a look at what will become the next Nexus smartphone. The handset is believed to be the Nexus 5 and it is looking more and more like this one will be coming by way of LG. As we often see with an FCC filing, this one did contain a variety of images. These were mixed with some internal and some external photos and sadly, not all of the external images were perfectly clear.

What we are seeing is a handset that sports similar looks to that of the currently available Nexus 4. Basically the overall shape and size appears similar. As well, the rear-facing camera and flash are sitting in the same corner. Though, the camera lens on this model does appear to be a bit more obvious.

There wasn’t any specifics in terms of the camera, but we suspect current Nexus users will be hoping for an improved camera experience. Other items spotted from the images show the headphone jack sitting up top with the power button and volume rocker sitting on opposite sides of the handset. And as one would expect, the USB charging port is on the bottom.

While most of the external features of the handset can be seen and identified, there is one mystery item located on the back. Specifically, sitting centered along the top of the back, just to the side of the headphone jack. Speculation points towards that being an IR blaster or fingerprint scanner, though the space seems to be an incorrect size for either of those. This is nothing more than additional speculation, but that could be something that will only be found on a pre-production device.

Otherwise, we did manage to spot what appears to be a 2300 mAh battery when looking at the internal images. While we certainly need some additional details, we cannot help but overlook the bit about these images matching up with what we saw in the Kit Kat video. Time will tell if this proves to be the LG Nexus 5, but for now it looks like that is where we are heading.

VIA: phoneScoop


    • Not sure if a case is protecting the Nexus logo, but that’s a possibility. Another is a fingerprint scanner, but that’s doubtful.

      Another reason it could be a case is the second picture it appears to be lifted up. We know the back won’t be removable. So maybe there’s a case on this. Not sure.

      • Its definitely some sort of cut out and indentation with almost like a black Glass in it. It looks to flush with the camera to be a case, unless its a total faux back. Because the nexus name isn’t there. But the material is on par with the nexus 7. But it could be an ir blaster

  1. Am I the only one who thinks that putting only a 2300 mAh battery on this phone, which features a bigger display than the Nexus 4, is a terrible idea?

    • It depends, not on hardware but software. If Android 4.4 utilizes the linux kernel 3.8 or is correctly optimised to the software like a moto x, the battery would be fine, however, if it utilizes linux kernel 3.4 like jelly bean,or is just thrown into the chasis, then there is going to be serious battery issues, as well as potential overheating problems. I would wait until it is announced though for specs and software issues, as we have no idea what is going to happen. If this new Nexus phone is anything like the Nexus 4, then we know exactly everything about hardware already.

      • I’ve got to say that I’m skeptical about the ability of software to dramatically improve battery performance.

        If 4.4 produced a significant boost in battery life on the Nexus 4, I’d be astounded.

      • Well, it depends on the kernel. Linux kernel 3.8 uses around half the power of linux kernel 3.4 but then again, this may or may not actually help. I would suggest waiting a week after the launch for reviews n the performance, but that is a terrible idea after what the nexus 4 was like, I missed out on the first run as i had school and, when i came back, they were sold out. had to wait 2 months and it only lasts around 8 hours if I dont have school, and a day and a bit if i do.


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