Nextbit put out some surveys recently and sent them to Nextbit Robin owners and users. They found out that their users liked answering surveys, so they got some neat numbers – totally anonymous numbers, of course – for their fans to enjoy. Also, they’ve rolled out their October update to Nextbit Robin phones bringing some needed security patches and fixes.

The October update for the Nextbit Robin brings the phone up to date with Google’s monthly security patches. It also incorporates Qualcomm’s fixes for the QuadRooter vulnerability. As you may remember, the Nextbit Robin is powered by the midrange Snapdragon 808 chipset, so there is a need to patch the software to fix QuadRooter and other related vulnerabilities.


There are also some interesting numbers that the Nextbit survey turned up. The number of different apps used by all owners is up to around 58,000 – quite a large number considering the small Nextbit Robin owner population. Robin owners also take an average number of 23 pictures a day, which will probably point to around 8000 pictures a year. Considering Nextbit’s cloud storage strategy, it looks like Robin owners are confident they won’t run out of space.

Nextbit says that it is using the survey for more than just numbers, but to cater to the issues of the people. A lot of owners have said that they wished the battery life could be better, and Nextbit is promising something along those lines soon.

SOURCE: Nextbit