GOOGLE Pixel Muskie Walleye

Before the Google Pixel duo were introduced to the public, we were referring to the two as Marlin and Sailfish. Marlin turned out to be the bigger fish, the Google Pixel XL, while the Sailfish was the known as the smaller Google Pixel. We don’t really expect the tech giant to use fish names this year but looks it will as we’ve heard of the terms Muskie and Walleye. The new Pixel phones were sighted on the Android Open Source Project gerrit. Actually, only the walleye was listed. Not much information was published but we’re hoping similar and related details will be uncovered in the coming weeks or months.

Google isn’t due to release new Pixel phones yet. The company still needs to fix some issues and deliver orders. However, like any other premium flagship devices, we’re curious to know this early what the next-gen devices could look like or have.

Just the other day, we mentioned the Pixel 2 may no longer include a headphone jack. We were also comforted to know that a next-gen Pixel will still be coming this year as a premium flagship device.

The Pixel phones are relatively new so we’re assumming Google is really serious in putting them on the map. They replaced the Nexus phones but the Pixel and Pixel XL plus the Pixel C are more known to be high-end. We don’t know exactly how they are doing in the market but Google definitely needs to look into the numbers.

VIA: Android Police