Mozilla has just released another version of Firefox. Your web browser is about to be updated whether you’re on your Android mobile device, tablet, or desktop. The last update we featured that rolled out back in July came with synced tabs and faster video loading. Earlier this year, there’s also the addition of the Click-to-view Image option and the quick prompt before opening Intent URIs in a private browsing tab.

With this particular app update, we can take advantage of the expanding multiprocess support, desktop improvement to reader mode, and offline page viewing on Android. The Firefox browser is said to be more responsive now. It’s been improved with multiprocess capabilities on desktop. Mozilla has tested this one and reported that the web browsers improved to about four times or 400% in responsiveness. All Firefox users can expect a total multiprocess experience by next year.

Firefox for Android now allows offline page viewing. This will come in handy if Internet connection is not stable. This means you can view those pages you’ve loaded previously even when you lose WiFi or network connection. This feature will still depend on your device but more often than not, Firefox will load older pages.


Desktop improvement to reader mode is noticeable. When viewing, you can have a cleaner interface as there’s less clutter. You can remove the background images, ads, or buttons so text are easier to read. You can also adjust the layout, contrast, and text size. You can also use Reader Mode to narrate the text you want to “read” so you can do other stuff on your phone.

SOURCE: Mozilla