Mozilla just released the latest update for the Firefox mobile browser for Android. Version 47.0 is now ready for mobile users. This particular version is ideal for those who like account personalizations for a special browsing experience that can be synced between mobile devices and desktop. Some important changes include easier access to synced tabs, quicker search, and enhanced video viewing.

Synced tabs can be easily accessed now from the Firefox browser. Make sure you are logged into your account so you can see all open tabs you have on another computer or device. This way, you don’t have to search for and load a particular website because you can open the same link from another device.

When it comes to video experience, it’s now faster and smoother which may result to extended battery life and less bandwidth used. Mozilla also removed the icons on the URL bar for the Android version to discourage hackers from copying websites and tricking users that they are on a legit site.

Mozilla has also allowed a feature that hides or shows web fonts as this can reduce data requirement. The lesser the information on the page, the lesser data is used. The goal always is to “lighten” a page or website so everything is faster all the time.

Download Firefox Browser from the Google Play Store

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