A new version of Firefox for Android is available for download. Version 44.0 is now ready on the Release channel. It was officially offered starting yesterday, January 26. The mobile browser app can enable cloud printing using Android print service and show search history suggestions. With the update, users are prompted before opening Intent URIs in a private browsing tab.

You can now take advantage of a web-based Firefox Accounts page or see if the launching URIs with ‘mms: protocol’ improved with the additional support. Feel free to select your own homepage to greet you and display on startup. The Top Sites panel usually shows up but you can now choose how you want your homepage to look like.

Note that Firefox also did some changes on the tabs tray on smartphones. Support for Equifax Secure Certificate Authority and RC4 decipher have been discontinued. We have no idea why but the changes should make the app faster.

Aside from Firebox for Android, Mozilla also released the latest update for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The updated versions now feature developer tools and push notifications. As with the Android app, RC4 encryption has been removed as well.

Download Firefox Browser for Android from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Mozilla