Trust Mozilla to release regular updates for the Firefox browsers. No wonder people rely on this web browser because the developers know how important it is to continuously roll out bug fixes and new features. The last version was released only last January and a few weeks later, here comes version 45.0. The app update brings a number of new features, security fixes, and changes.

The latest version of Firefox for Android now features a Click-to-view Images option. You can find this at the advanced settings in the menu. This will allow users to choose the images to want to get from the Web. This way, data usage is conserved. Mozilla also added a new preference to allow blocking.onion at the DNS level (network.dns.blockDotOnion). There’s also the new toggle to disable sharing of camera to ensure safe browsing all the time.

The issue of of URLS with a Unicode-format Internationalized Domain Name or IDN are now redirected properly. There’s still some security fixes needed. Some changes with the update include a reorganozed and optimized app Settings, super toasts replaced with snackbar, simplified admin UI, and the URL inclusion when sharing selected text being disabled.

Download Firefox Browser for Android from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Mozilla