The past few days have truly been good to fans, owners, and would-be owners of Motorola‘s Moto X flagship. The device has just seen a price cut that has now extended even to the unlockable Developer Edition being sold directly from Motorola’s website.

Late last month, Motorola slashed the prices of the Moto X by half, reducing the amount from $199 to $99, but still with a two-year contract from some carriers. Then just yesterday, Verizon, who was still carrying the original price tag, finally implemented the cut and also offered the Moto X for a full retail price of $499.99. If the luck of Verizon’s customers hold, they will also soon be seeing the MotoMaker customization tool on the carrier by Monday.

Now the Moto X Developer Edition is following suit, though it is still a bit pricier than carrier options. The unlockable version of the smartphone is now priced at $549.99, whereas it previously sold for $649.99. This applies to both the GSM-LTE model that is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile networks as well as to the Verizon variant. As before, the Developer Editions are only available in black or white color options, though the 32 GB storage capacity unavailable on carrier models might make up for the lack of customization options.

The Moto X, both developer and carrier editions, are also scheduled to receive Android 4.4 updates, though that schedule is still unknown. Hopefully considering Motorola’s ties to Google, it wouldn’t take too long.

SOURCE: Motorola Moto X Developer Edition (GSM), (Verizon)
VIA: Android Police