We were hearing rumors of a Moto X price drop from even before the handset officially launched. And well, it looks like that drop is currently going into effect. There has yet to be any official announcement from Motorola, however they have done the next best thing — dropped the price on the website. Those checking the Moto X page on the Motorola website will see a price that has been cut in half.

The Moto X is now down to $99.99, and that even include those going the custom route using the Moto Maker website. This should go without saying, but that price does mean a two-year agreement. Otherwise, aside from Motorola, the Moto X has already seen a price cut on the Sprint and US Cellular sites.

To that point, US Cellular seems to have a solid deal going. They have the Moto X priced at $99.99 and are still offering the $75 Switcher Bonus. That means you could get the Moto X with US Cellular for as little as $25. The catch with the price though, you still have to shell out the full $100 at the time of purchase and wait for the $75 to come back in the form of a MasterCard Debit Card.

Otherwise, the AT&T and Verizon Wireless websites are both still showing the Moto X priced at $199.99. No word on when the price drop will begin showing with those two, however with the Moto Maker now at $99.99, it doesn’t seem like AT&T will be able to sell many non-customized models at double the price.

As for Verizon, we would expect them to follow suit, and if nothing else, a price cut on the Verizon Moto X would fit in with the recent price drops we saw on the current DROID lineup. For those who missed that, the DROID Mini, Ultra and Maxx are now down to $49.99, $99.99 and $199.99 respectively.

SOURCE: Motorola, Moto Maker