Late October brought a price cut for the Moto X. The price was cut in half dropping from $199.99 on a two-year agreement down to $99.99 (still with a two-year agreement). This price drop hit several carriers and also included those purchases made through the Moto Maker customization site. Though, the Moto Maker remained exclusive to AT&T. The catch was, not all carriers lowered the price at the time.

Notable amongst the hold-outs was Verizon Wireless. The Moto X with Verizon remained available in black or white and priced at $199.99. But there is some good news for anyone that may have been waiting to make a purchase — Verizon has finally lowered the price. Those visiting the Moto X listing on the Verizon site will be greeted with a $99.99 (two-year agreement) price.

Otherwise, the handset is priced at $499.99 for full retail and at $20.90 per month with $0 down under the Verizon Edge purchase program. And similar to what we have seen Verizon do with other handsets, they have a $149.98 bundle option available that includes the Moto X along with a car charger, screen protector and case/holster combo.

While the Nexus 5 has captured a fair amount of the hype from the Android faithful this week, the Moto X remains a solid handset with features that include Touchless Control and Active Display along with the Quick Capture Camera. We covered those features along with much more when we reviewed the Moto X back in August.