It seems that things are finally looking good for those on Verizon‘s network who are still holding out for a customized Motorola Moto X. Not only has the smartphone become cheaper, but, if this latest tip is to believed, the MotoMaker customization tool will finally be coming to Big Red on Monday.

When Motorola‘s fascinating and impressive flagship launched early August, there was a special preference for AT&T. Sure, the smartphone was available on other carriers as well, but only AT&T subscribers had initial access to the the MotoMaker customization tool that added to the Moto X’s appeal. Other carriers were left with the stock black or white models. Verizon had to assure their customers that MotoMaker would be available, but only left a vague “later this year” target.

Now it seems that the wait will finally be over. There was already some talk that MotoMaker will be available on November 11 and now multiple sources are confirming that date as well. At the moment, there is no word if there will be some special offer or new customization options available at launch. Maybe we’ll finally get to see the much teased wooden back covers on the list.

The price for MotoMaker-customized devices is expected to adopt the new Moto X pricing scheme. Just yesterday, Verizon finally slashed the price of the smartphone in line last month’s price cut which puts the Moto X at $99 on a two year contract, or $499.99 for the full price.

VIA: Droid Life