Just like everything else surrounding the DROID Bionic like release dates and design, this didn’t last long. Verizon tossed up the Droid Bionic right on the front page of their website giving us a tease with the title saying “Rule All Machines” and then quickly pulled it down.

It appears someone might have hit the GO button a bit early because after appearing live on the site it was quickly pulled down and is no longer showing. Maybe they just wanted to tease everyone for a short while, if so it worked. Even though the Bionic has been delayed more than a few times the recent amount of activity is leading up to a big release date with no signs of slowing down the phone or its 4G LTE.

The past few days we have seen tips and trick guides, ads in magazines and even more pictures of the Bionic and its big brother the Droid HD. This time around all signs are pointing to it actually hitting the streets, and soon. Lets just hope it launches on September 8th and for $299 like recent details have shown.

[via Phandroid]


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