That is, if a photo of a screen as posted by DroidAttic is to be believed. No less reputable than any other in-store photo of a display, I suppose, yes? The site this information comes from is a rather simple Android blog that appears to get a lot of leaks in – just yesterday they apparently also got news from an inside source that said the DROID Bionic would be released in July. That lines up with our “find” of the Motorola tweet that said we’d be getting the Bionic “on time” and a suggested HTC event that’s aimed at late June – but that’s in England.

In related news, we’ve got a feeling that the device we’re going to see will look closer to an upgraded PHOTON than a really fabulous looking version of a DROID as we’re used to. Then again, back at the beginning of June we saw another photo of the “Bionic” that looked like a DROID as we know it, that one looking pretty nice. What do you hope for in a form factor for this long-awaited dual-core LTE device?

Then what do you think about the wait we’ve had to live through, this terrifying wait since CES to see the device that’d bust out with the fastest speeds and the most dual of cores? You should know that NVIDIA says it’s got nothing to do with compatibility, so I think they’re just taking my advice to take their time with the exterior of the device to make it look really, really nice.

SO what we’ve got to look forward to here for the Droid 3 is a July 14th showing and announcement and a 15th release date. Exciting? Super exciting!

[via DroidAttic]