This morning some news has came up that T-Mobile UK looks to be getting the Motorola Atrix. The date I’m hearing is starting in June, but no exact time frame has been given by T-Mobile. Hopefully they plan to release it before June because by then I expect there to be more than a few dual core phones to compete with it. Sooner the better T-Mobile.

The Motorola Atrix has been getting lots of heat lately for its 4G speeds. Well AT&T has I should say. There has been many reports that AT&T is capping upload speeds. They later responded and said 4G upload wasn’t even turned on. So far it has been a little bit of a mess, so those looking to enjoy the all mighty and powerful Atrix without all the hassle should look for T-Mobile’s version coming soon.

We will be sure to update you on this as times goes on and as we hear more about the Atrix on T-Mobile. While you wait for an official release date, or more information feel free to check out our reviews of the phone, and all of its top quality accessories that make the Atrix that much better. Remember these are of the AT&T 4G version but we can assume the accessories will work on the UK version. Here they are for you:

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[via T-Mobile UK]