This is a dock that’ll allow you and your Motorola ATRIX 4G to work with any number of larger screens, connections to three USB ports as well as a 3.5mm stereo audio output as well as HDMI and of course, power. This dock can connect to a wired keyboard and mouse via the USB ports, but there is a wireless mouse and keyboard that works as well. When your phone is connected to the dock, your phone is transformed into the Motorola Webtop user interface, allowing you to work it as an HDTV (seeing this then on the tiny screen as well as the gigantic screen you’re connecting to more than likely.)

There’s an Entertainment Center user interface that you can work with the included infrared remote control. This remote control works as a physical version of the on-screen controller you’ll see when you use a direct HDMI connection. The Bluetooth mouse and keyboard work as well as you’d expect, connection never shorting out so long as you’re powered up.

The keyboard is slick especially as it’s got several Android app shortcut buttons as well as a full keyboard experience. The chiclet keys here are much easier to use than the keyboard on the much more expensive laptop dock. And you know what? You can connect this to a much bigger screen, one you’ve more than likely already got handy if you’re the sort of person that’s looking into grabbing an ATRIX 4G.

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