There’s a movement of angry Atrix fans who think that AT&T is capping upload speeds dramatically on the Atrix 4G. Comparing the new Motorola handset, users can see by using apps like SpeedTest that the Atrix 4G is not only uploading data slower than the iPhone on the same network (to the tune of 4-10 times slower) but is also dropping calls more often (a shock considering the iPhone 4’s penchant at reception issues). Users of both phones pay the same cost in data rates, but the Atrix 4G is being clocked by users at uploading no faster than 300 kpbs. Does the evidence show that AT&T is capping upload speeds?

We all know that AT&T is in the process of deploying their “4G” network (Please do not use that EXCUSE to explain the HSUPA CAPPING) but our Atrix 4G phone doesn’t even have 3G upload speeds !

There are so many unhappy paying customers out there and we want to be heard and our phones to work as they are meant to. If this is not resolved before the 30 day return period, unhappy customers like myself will be returning their phones !

It would seem so. And users are mad as hell and they aren’t taking it for the next two years. They’ve started a petition over at to get MaBell’s attention. Have you had issues with uploading speeds on the Atrix? You can follow the action on at @ATTFAIL and over at Facebook as well.

[via Groubal]