We had the privilege of having a demo done for us at Mobile World Congress 2011 of the Motorola ATRIX 4G HD Dock for television, monitor, or whatever else you think you’d ever want to plug the thing into. The fellow here in the video below showed the device to us as if we’d never seen it before, a nice refresher, then plugged it into the HD dock which was attached to a USB keyboard and mouse and big fat HD monitor. From there the demo man speaks on the Linux-based desktop user interface you’ll be dealing with when you see your ATRIX 4G working in this sort of environment, and pops up some sweet functionality while he’s at it.

Why would we film such a thing, you must be asking? Why would we take the time to have a professional presenter such as this show us how it’s done when we’ve got our own demo unit at home? Because! We were at the Motorola booth, everything was bright red with lights and big fat monitors and shiny new demo units and heck, we had a few minutes before lunchtime anyway. So have a peek here at how the ATRIX 4G works with the HD dock, done by a dude who really seems to know exactly what he’s doing. Android into the future.

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