You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve seen what it can do – if you were at Mobile World Congress 2011, you even held this lovely phone in your hands. But it’s not released yet, oh no! What could a person do if they wanted a phone’s contents before the actual release of the phone? Why they’d look for a system dump, of course, and that’s just what we’ve got for you here, courtesy of leaker “Jabthtut,” who is clearly wise and powerful.

In addition to the full system dump, available for download via Megaupload by clicking over [here], the gallery below is full of the wallpapers from this soon to be released superphone. Check out the bubbles! Also we’re pleased to let you in on some additional content via our adventures at MWC 2011:

[vms 394aace6018e27d20d23]

[vms c02f9902576ec55ebbe7]

This phone is destined to be a big deal, and reviews are just about to pop up all over the interwebs right before the phone is released with its laptop dock and multimedia dock. Explosions all over the USA for certain, eventual wave across Europe oncoming soon after. Will this be the superphone for you?