The custom Moto X from AT&T and their limited-time exclusive Moto Maker site has just arrived, and it sure is pretty. Being able to fully customize the color, accents, and such is more exciting than we thought. As you all know, the custom site and AT&T Moto X went up today, and below you’ll be able to check one of ours out in a quick unboxing as well as see that Skip accessory in action.

The Moto X from AT&T is available right now, as we speak, so run down to your nearest store and grab one. If you’d like to customize it they’ll give you a code for the Moto Maker site, and you’ll be able to have your ways with it in no time. For more details on that entire experience check out our Moto Maker customization hands-on.

It looks like AT&T got an exclusive on the phone launch too, as we’ll see developer editions and the other carrier version in a few days. So, now that we’ve finished the entire customization process and chose a beautiful red and orange color pattern, Motorola built and assembled the device and it arrived within four days, which is their promise. Sadly they no longer offer the engraving option, but below is a quick video unboxing of the custom X.

As you saw above, the customizations are pretty impressive looking. The bright orange accents on red is pretty unique, if you ask us, and certainly a nice touch. Since we’ve already seen plenty of the Moto X smartphone in our full review (and the custom one is no different, just prettier) we want to focus on the Skip accessory. Which if you need to know more click here, although the video above should of explained everything.

The Moto Skip is an accessory for the X, but it’ll probably work just fine on the DROIDs too. Being an NFC enabled device that can clip anywhere and instantly unlock your device. No need to enter a pin, or pattern, just tap your NFC enabled Moto X to the skip as you saw in the video, and it unlocks instantly. This could be useful, and is free for Moto Maker users, but we doubt regular customers will buy one.


The Skip also comes with three more NFC tags they called Moto Skip Dots, that you can place all around the house should you choose. Maybe one in your car, the office, or bedroom. It’s a nice touch and adds another level of simplicity to using your device daily.

So far we’re loving the new custom Moto X. The backside has a slightly different feel. It’s a little softer and more comfortable. Which is great considering the X was already one of the most comfy phones we’ve used to date. There appears to be no build quality issues and it’s top notch. We have another custom X on the way and will update with plenty of pictures soon enough.

Who picked up the Moto X, and if you haven’t yet but are planning to, will it be an AT&T Moto Maker customized version?