We have already seen some early details on Skip, however it looks like Motorola has since offered an official unveiling. For those who missed those early details, the Motorola Skip is a little gadget that will allow Moto X users to quickly unlock their phones. In fact, Motorola is touting this as being a “thumb-sized clip that pairs with your Moto X and unlocks it with a simple tap.”

While the details have been shared by Motorola, we should say that not everything has been revealed just yet. Motorola has said that for a limited time, Skip will be included as a free add-on for those who purchase a customized Moto X through Moto Maker. More to that point of coming later, the Skip will initially be available in gray and black with more colors coming “later this fall.”

Sounds like those who purchase through the Moto Maker and get the Skip for free can expect to see gray with black. Motorola hasn’t offered a full list of the colors that will be available, however they have shared an image which offers a look at some that will be coming. Perhaps more important here, the Skip is designed to be worn on your clothing. It could be attached to a belt loop, shirt or other item but the key is quick and easy access to unlock your phone — and avoid having to use a PIN unlock.


Aside from the Skip itself, those who pick one of these up will also get a few Skip dots. Motorola has said these will be stickers that will also unlock your phone. These can be placed anywhere, say maybe at your office, home or bedside tablet. But similar to the actual Skip, these dots will simply make it easier to unlock your phone.

Those worried about security should take note in knowing that the Skip and Skip dots will need to be paired with a Moto X to actually have it unlock. Or in other words, any Skip or Skip dot will not be able to randomly unlock any Moto X. And for those who are forgetful and tend to lose things — these can easily be unpaired with your phone and you can also use a PIN to unlock your phone just in case you are caught without a Skip.

SOURCE: Motorola


  1. How is this “for” the Motorola X?

    Can’t any NFC-capable phone be configured to unlock on contact with a specific NFC tag?


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