More details about the Samsung Galaxy Fold are expected to be uncovered. The foldable phone is coming very soon. The device was officially made public over a month ago and we told you what you needed to know. Design and features were detailed in a demo video and we learned the smartphone is rolling out next quarter with a high price tag. It’s only one of the many foldable phones from Samsung as the South Korean tech giant is working on other models.

Samsung has been saying its design is better than Huawei’s but it’s really up to the users to decide. We’ll get to make our conclusions once the phone is reviewed by our team.

The Galaxy Fold can be unlocked. So far, we also know it will arrive in the UK and the rest of Europe via EE and other retail shops.

Some XDA developers have been sharing related news. The editor-in-chief himself, Mishaal Rahman, posted that the “Samsung Galaxy Fold definitely has the Snapdragon 855” or at least the EU version.

Rahman was very chatty and freely answered questions of netizens. When asked if the phone folds completely or if it’s like a binder, he confirmed it is more like a binder and leaves a small gap.

The open/close delay issue was also asked. Samsung hasn’t fixed the problem and shared it’s really bad with Chrome as it wouldn’t re-render pages even when switching.

The small screen is confirmed to be running games and apps normally. It doesn’t bend outward. The Fold is said to remain open at a right angle but with a downside–off screen and balancing issues.

Some other information we learned include the separate home screens being allowed. Battery life has been impressive. The XDA dev also noted the device is a production model running One UI 1.2 that already underwent a quick speed test.

The foldable smartphone should allow Samsung Pay because of the MST support. Here are other important details we noted:

• SAK2L4SX 16MP ultra-wide angle primary rear camera
• the two 10MP selfie cams are Sony IMX374 sensors
• the device is codenamed “winnerlteeea ”
• it can unlock bootloaders
• no dimensions and weight details


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