The year started with us seeing an early image of the HTC U12, being shown off with a full-screen bezel-less display. It was also previewed as the HTC Imagine at a tech event the following month. Specs were also revealed and we were told the device may feature a matte white metal and glass body. There’s also the idea it will be HTC U12+ instead of just the U12 and it will be considered as the next-gen and ONLY premium flagship for 2018.

We’re definite the smartphone will be announced this coming May as live photos appeared online a few weeks ago. More images and specs appeared further and so we learned it will have no notch as per the latest leak by Verizon Wireless.

Over the weekend, more live photos were made public. This time, HTC Taiwan’s Facebook page revealed the images:

We can confirm the large 18:9 display and dual rear cameras in a horizontal orientation. There’s also the round fingerprint sensor. Interestingly, this looks different from the HTC U12 posted by Verizon. We’re assuming that one isn’t final because several previous leaks already showed the phone we’re seeing in the image gallery. These photos are the closest we have to the real thing–no doubt about that.



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