Oh man, the juicy news just keeps flowing in from the AllThingsD conference going on today called Dive Into Mobile. From Facebook Home, Motorola stock Android devices, and much more but now we’re turning our focus towards a few comments made by Microsoft‘s head of the mobile Windows Phone division. This dude claims Android is “still kind of a mess” and is touting just how awesome Windows Phone 8 truly is.

According to an interview by AllThingsD Microsoft’s head of their mobile division, Terry Myerson, had some rather unkind things to say today regarding both Android and iOS. It looks like they are trying to get a point across, we’re just not sure what exactly. Aiming right at Google while also touting that Windows Phone 8 is a “well funded start-up.”

Before we get into his full comments we wanted to remind you guys of some news earlier today. The same exact event today Google’s own Eric Schmidt confirmed there’s now 1.5 million Android devices activated each and every single day. So basically that “mess” that Microsoft calls Android – is clearly a hot mess.

While we aren’t going to get into the discussion whether Android is better than Windows Phone (as you know the answer, and our opinion already) we will share the few comments from Microsoft’s head of mobile and let you guys think of it what you will. Myerson basically called Apple’s iOS “boring” and Android “still kind of a mess” then went on to mention how Windows Phone 8 is a massive challenger and seeing huge adoption rates. Mainly in non-subsidized regions such as Mexico, Poland, and Finland.

He further knocks Android by saying only Samsung is benefiting and no one else, then continues his slander by claiming there is, “clearly mutiny in the Starship Android.. and as Chrome takes over Android, it’s going to be interesting.” Yeah, he said that. Now for our thoughts: There is no denying that Android is only going to continue their dominance in the mobile space. Perhaps Myerson should have spent his time talking about how Windows Phone will continue to improve, what they’re doing right, and what they have to offer. Rather than just taking shots at the competition. That’s just my $0.02 on the matter. Let us know what you think below, but do try to keep it clean folks!

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