Today we’re getting tons of exciting news from the AllThingsD Dive into Mobile conference, and now we have some interesting news for you Facebook fans. First it was Google news, and now Facebook is up to the plate confirming that Facebook Home will be available to those outside of the U.S. later today. That means you Canada, as well as many others.

Previously we’ve reported that Canada would be next to see Facebook Home available for download from the Play Store, and those reports suggested about 2 weeks after the initial launch back on the 12th. However at today’s Dive Into Mobile conference Facebook’s own head of engineering, Cory Ondrejka, stated we’ll actually see the initial rollout outside of the U.S. start this evening.

So when exactly? We aren’t fully sure. What we do know is that regions outside of the U.S. should be able to head to the Play Store and get the new Facebook Home for their device, so long as it’s one of their currently supported smartphones. Or just use this unsupported download if you dare.

Facebook’s Cory Ondrejka also updated us regarding updates for Facebook Home. They stated we’ll see updates nearly once a month improving the experience and adding support for more devices, and today Cory claims the first update will arrive the second week of May. That lines right up with the monthly plan, but he didn’t give any details as to what it will entail. We have a feeling it will polish a few bugs and add support for the HTC One and Galaxy S 4. If you’re excited about Facebook Home but not in the U.S. stay tuned, because it should hit the Play Store for other regions later today.

[via The Verge]