We have heard bits and pieces about upcoming Motorola handsets and while we are no longer expecting anything over-the-top to come from the existing pipeline, there could be some good things coming in the future. There are a few points worth talking about here, however it looks like Motorola is not going to be chasing the misconception that bigger is better. Well, that and we may be seeing some with a stock Android installation.

These details are coming by way of Motorola’s design chief Jim Wicks who recently spoke with PC Mag. Touching on the topic of smartphones going bigger and bigger these days, Wicks noted that the first round of products to come from Motorola (after Google’s purchase) will be following a philosophy of “better is better” instead of “bigger is better.” That by itself sounds good for those who want a clear distinction between whether they are carrying a smartphone or tablet.

The catch — he didn’t go into any specifics in terms of what size they are talking. Instead he spoke of a smartphone that is “just about right” in terms of size and also spoke about how there is a “sweet spot for consumers that we’re currently exceeding in the market.” To help clarify that just a tiny bit, Wicks did also give an example as being the RAZR M. Basically, that sounds like things will be staying on the smaller size.

Aside from the size there was also talk of a timeframe for release, a little bit about carriers and a little bit about bloatware. Beginning with the bloatware, and this one seems fairly simple — the less the better. Wicks spoke about how “people don’t want all that stuff pre-populated on their devices.” Knowing and acting are different things though, and in this case it was nice to see that he said Motorola was going to focus on “simplicity and the power of the consumer.”

Shifting over to the talk of a release and it looks like these new Google-inspired handsets will debut in the second half of 2013. And while he didn’t offer all that much in terms of the carriers, it was said that Motorola will be trying to build more cross-carrier brands which means they will be making fewer products.

[via PC Mag]


  1. Come on lets make a real friggin device, u guys with that cash make it look like a hobby Motorola was premium not now


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