Before 2016 ended, we learned that CyanogenMod would be evolving into Lineage OS. We knew that there would be significant changes like the CyanogenMod service ending by December 31, as well as, no more nightly builds will be released. These are only some of the effects of Cyangen’s shift to app development and laying off of some employees. Well, it was clear that CyanogenMod wasn’t going anywhere but it was rebranded into the LineageOS.

We haven’t heard from the group yet but here are some updates and build prep. The LineageOS team recently announced that their infrastructure pieces are ‘Operational’ after receiving support from numerous people. Ready sites now include their Wiki, Install stats page, and Download Portal. They are all open sourced so you can contribute via Gerrit.

The LineageOS team also shared the build roster plus release process among others. We learned that Nougat and Marshamallow OS are supported. Over 80 devices can be supported. The team vows a weekly cadence.

In case you’ve been wondering, they will no longer release or ship root baked into the ROM. The official builds yet to be released will be given signature permission control and private key for authentication. Unofficial builds are still welcome but as always, you may use them at your own risk.

The developers came up with some experimental features including an EXPERIMENTAL data migration build, ‘upgrade’ from CM to the signed LineageOS weekly, wipe permissions, and watermark.

If you’re currently on CyanogenMod, you may install the EXPERIMENTAL migration build on your cm-13.0 or 14.1 build, reboot, install the weekly build, reboot for the second time, and then re-setup your application permissions.

SOURCE: Lineage OS