The LG Watch Sport is getting the Android Wear 2.0 OS update. That’s the last update we heard about the LG smarwatch but unfortunately, pre-orders for the wearable device are being cancelled. The supposedly Verizon-bound watch is cancelled according to some people who placed their orders. LG hasn’t released any official explanation yet but this move got us scratching our heads.

If you pre-ordered for the new LG Watch Sport, you may have received a cancellation notification from Verizon. The smartwatch was launched earlier in February and was soon listed on Verizon as a new product offering. We have no idea why it was pulled out from the product lineup but we want to assume that a new smartwatch model will be announced soon. It’s either that or the LG Watch Sport isn’t selling as projected by the South Korean tech company.

The LG Watch Sport was recently upgraded to Android Wear 2.0 OS. It’s no longer on Verizon’s website but it’s still listed on both LG and AT&T’s websites. The other mobile carrier is also selling the smartwatch. As for Verizon, the abrupt cancellations made the company offer $100 discount off other smarwatches available.

We have yet to hear from the Verizon for the official reason but if you’re one of those affected customers, feel free to check out the wearables available on the carrier’s website and see what you can buy with the $100 credit.