LG Velvet Dual Screen

LG is prepping to release a new Android smartphone. It won’t be another LG V60 ThinQ variant nor a new LG phone. The South Korean tech company is expected to launch the new device with a new smooth design next month. We can start the countdown as the official announcement is said to be on May 7. Just a while ago, we shared with you the specs sheet and images as recently leaked on a website. Now, we’re showing off more images of what is believed to be the Dual Screen attachment. This accessory was previously introduced for the LG G8X ThinQ.

It was during the IFA 2019 that we first saw the Dual Screen for the LG G8X ThinQ. The same accessory was made available for the LG V60 ThinQ so it can be assumed the next phone from the company will also support the Dual Screen. A post on Twitter by a certain @Boby25846908 shared three photos that feature what is believed to be a Dual Screen and the LG Velvet.

One image clearly shows it is the LG Dual Screen. It is set in dark gray. The other photo shows what we think is a phone case or the rear cover of the LG Velvet. There is a vertical hole for the raindrop camera module. It’s also possible the image is of another design of the LG Dual Screen although there is no logo similar to what was on the first image.

The third image shows the Dual Screen accessory spread open. Obviously, the LG Velvet will go to the right side. Not much information on the Dual Screen attachment but the photos say a lot.

The LG Velvet is highly anticipated because we want to know how the OEM is making changes in the mobile business. For one, the LG G Series may be no more as more budget devices are on the horizon. Let’s wait and see.


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