The upcoming LG G6 could be released earlier. This is according to a recent report that said an industry insider shared the news that the G6 will be announced before February ends. If not, then very early in March. We’re guessing LG is looking at a Mobile World Congress announcement as it did this 2015. It can be perfect timing especially since Samsung is now believed to delay the Galaxy S8 announcement due to several reasons.

The MWC launch is expected but market release is said to be earlier. Instead of a late March-April announcement, LG may push for a commercial availability. This is way earlier than its main rival Samsung. As we all know, the latter has been facing many challenges in the recent months.

LG wants to increase sales volume and releasing the G6 early will help as the company is ahead of the other OEMs. To make this possible, LG is believed to have pushed production a month earlier as well.

This year’s LG G5 sales aren’t as impressive but the premium flagship smartphone has definitely set a precedent in modular phone design. We’re not sure if LG is still announcing a modular phone but we have our doubts now. We already said that the LG G6 could be a waterproof and non-modular phone and it might feature MST mobile payment, iris recognition, and removable battery based on early information leaked. We also mentioned before that the G6 will not have a curved edge display screen so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

VIA: Korea IT News