Over a month ago we said that the next LG G6 won’t have a curved edge display screen. We also learned a few weeks ago that LG Electronics is ditching the White Card system in favor of MST method for the next G6. We heard that other South Korean tech giant will be adopting new technologies such as the LG Pay mobile payment and now the iris recognition for added security. The 2017 flagship phone is expected to help the company make up for the non-success of the LG G5.

LG is said to have lost $67 million (800 billion won) this year, no thanks to the G5 phone. As with any other OEMs, LG is hopeful this will finally be a big winner. The company recently introduced an all-in-one module that is said to function as an iris scanner and camera in one. The technology was shown off at a recent tech event in South Korea. There’s a possibility that LG will use it on the new device and other future products.

We may finally see the the LG Pay but now with Magnetic Secure Transmission(MST) which is more commonly used today. This one makes more sense because it is easy and is now widely available in most stores worldwide.

Last year’s LG G5 didn’t have a removable battery but the G6 will have one for next year. This is to ensure safety of the consumers especially after the Note 7 fiasco. LG may be taking notes from Samsung which is actually a good thing. It’s important that LG rebounds from the G5’s failure. There’s also a possibility that the G6 will no longer be modular contrary to early speculations.

VIA: The Korea Herald