The LG G5 may have poor sales but we trust the other South Korean tech giant that it has better things in store for the mobile industry next year. The company was brave enough to introduce the modular design concept in a more attainable way but it failed to sell. Of course, there are a lot of factors but LG somehow paved the way for Motorola to pursue the same concept, thus, the Moto Mods were introduced.

As early as October, we’ve been hearing small details about the LG G6. Next year’s flagship phone will not have a curved edge display screen . It may also feature a removable battery, iris recognition, and MST mobile payment.

A recent post on the Chinese microblogging website gave us an idea that the LG G6 will be waterproof. This could also mean it will no longer be modular as we previously said. It can’t be waterproof if it’s modular because parts and add-ons are easily attached and reattached.

LG could also be ditching the modular design because it didn’t really sell. We believe it’s a wise move because the company has another chance to come up with something that the people will really love. It’s not the first waterproof phone LG will be releasing but the idea is always welcome especially when we’re talking about flagship devices.

VIA: Weibo