The LG Thrill 4G is their latest entry into the Android world headed for AT&T. The phone is a glasses-free 3D powerhouse much like the EVO 3D and I’ve always wondered why they didn’t include the term 3D in the title for the device. Although it was recently delayed til late August a new Best Buy ad showed up making us think it may end up launching sooner.

We recently reviewed the LG Thrill 4G and you can see that here. After looking at the recently leaked Best Buy ad pictured above you can clearly see it listed as the LG Thrill 3D. Are they changing the name at launch to better represent one of the devices main features — being 3D? Or is this just how Best Buy has it listed in their ads.

Originally it was slated for an early August release and for just $99 but we haven’t heard anything since the delay. I’m hoping the delay was simply for something like this name change and not any hardware issues as no one wants to watch another LG G2x situation. This ad doesn’t tell us much but could be the reason for the delay, we should be hearing a release date and official pricing again soon.

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[via Phone Arena]