We’ve been expecting that LG would be using the same secondary screen used on the V10 and looks like we’re right as the company just teased an Always On display. LG wants to be ahead of Samsung, at least in making the announcements, that’s why it’s launching the next premium flagship phone earlier–the afternoon before Samsung’s Unpacked event. It’s just one of the two flagship phones the South Korea tech giant is set to unveil this year.

As with the Galaxy S7, we have heard a number of rumors about the LG G5. This is no longer a rumor but the device will come equipped with a fullscreen size Always On display. Yes, fullscreen. The V10‘s small secondary screen is being utilized in the G5 but only now, it’s bigger. We can expect that the secondary screen, the Always On display, will show messages, incoming calls, alerts, and notifications.

A GIF of the new feature was shared by Android Authority. It’s said to be an official animated image from LG which the tech blog exclusively secured.


Judging from the silhoutte, the LG G5 will have more rounded corners compared to the LG G4. The date and time of the event, February 21, 2:00 PM, are shown and left on the display even when the background light dimmed. Below the information is a row of notification icons for incoming calls, messages, mail, and files.

The idea could be more from the ambient display used before in Nexus and Motorola phones. This one is different though because it is always on. Because of that, some are worried about the battery life because the feature will drain the power. We’re also guessing that LG may also got the idea from its Quick Circle case but instead of a phone case covering the display to work, the Always On screen will run when phone is unlocked–with or without a special cover.

It’s interesting that LG teased the public with this information almost the same time as Samsung’s filing for a trademark for an Always On display possibly for the upcoming Galaxy S7. If that’s the case, then LG is still ahead of the game because it’s already incorporated on the G5 while Samsung is still in the process of filing application. We’ll see.

VIA: Android Authority