Now that US carriers have started shipping LG’s new flagship G3 and it will mostly be available in retail stores within this week, LG has now released a new quick and fun game, and you don’t even need to open your phone case to play it. But you can only play it of course if you’re using the unique QuickCircle case that is made exclusively for the LG G3.

Puppy Pop is just like your typical match-three puzzle game. You get points when you draw lines through three or more of the same puppies until the designated time runs out. You can compete with friends and boast of your high scores if you want to, on your preferred social network. But instead of playing it normally on your phone, it was created specifically for the LG G3’s QuickCircle case, so you can play the game on the circle window so no need to actually open the case. It’s perfect for when you’re on a bus or train or waiting at a bank and you can’t afford to open your mobile phone’s case.

This is the first game that has been created specifically for QuickCircle, and is part of LG’s promise that developers will be free to create apps and functions that will be custom made for users with the case. Unlike other similar cases like Samsung’s S-View case or LG’s own QuickWindow case for the LG G2, QuickCircle is different as the window is, you guessed it, a circle. It looks a bit similar in size (and shape) to the upcoming Moto 360, the first smartwatch that has a round face.

Aside from playing Puppy Pop of course, you can also view messages, take and send calls (but only for numbers that are in the call log already), take photos, control your music playback and also get health stats. The QuickCircle case can also be used with LG’s wireless charging dock. Expect more apps and games to be developed, if this unique LG G3 (and the phone itself) catches on. Puppy Pop will be available at the Google Play Store starting July 23.


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