Well this is certainly a change of pace, isn’t it? We’ve seen Google choose two manufacturers to produce products for their ‘Nexus’ line thus far: HTC and Samsung. Now, the latest rumor suggests LG could be next in line for the job. For those of you that don’t know, the ‘Nexus’ line of devices are updated to the latest version of Android before all others, and have Google on their side for superb technical support. Samsung has had the last two Nexus devices, so why has Google decided to mix it up?

If anything, you’d think Motorola would be next in line; especially since Google finally closed out the company’s buyout. LG hasn’t really made quite the footprint HTC or Samsung have left in the Android timeline yet, so it’s hard to fathom. However, the LG Spectrum was quite an eye-opener when it came to build quality and an amazingly pixel-rich display. They’re definitely on the right track, and if they continue to improve their line of devices in a way that catches the public’s eye, anything is possible.

Yet, the Galaxy S III is just around the corner, and HTC just dropped the One X – a phone to rule them all. Stealing the thunder from either of these companies will be difficult. But in the end, Google will be the sole deciding factor on the matter. Sure, they have their best interests in mind, but they also let us know they want us to view the ‘Nexus’ line as lead by Google, and not a “preferred” manufacture. We’ll find out eventually, but since the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released only a couple months ago, it should be some time before another Nexus phone should hit the market. Now, a Nexus tablet is a different story altogether.


  1. They can’t pick Motorola to manufacture the next Nexus phone right after the merger, that would send the wrong signal to their other hardware partners. I’m not a huge fan of LG but their latest offerings don’t look half bad so why not let them have a shot.

    I think my Galaxy Nexus will be more than good enough for quite some time so I will almost certainly skip LG’s Optimus Nexus though.

  2. Given the pathetic job LG did with the G2X, people are crazy to buy anything from them. They’re a company known for producing junky products. But the G2X appeared to have had little or no quality control; the firmware was severely flawed, and support after the sale was (and continues to be) nonexistent.

    Don’t buy anything this company makes; it’s all junk.

  3. In absolutely no way does having a Nexus device mean customers have “Google on their side for superb technical support.” The Nexus S has received no support from Google. There was complete silence from them with early bugs in Gingerbread (2.3), and there has been complete silence as to when we’ll get ICS (4.0), despite a major selling point of the Nexus range being a ‘pure’ Android OS that is updated first. Samsung disown the device, not evening mentioning it on their support page.

    As much as I dislike the arrogance and closed nature of Apple, Google have a miles to go before they provide even vaguely comparable support.


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