LG Wing 2021 Mobile Business

We like saying that a company isn’t shutting down its operations. We’re saying it again: LG is not shutting down its smartphone business. These words are according to a spokesperson. We understand this move because like any OEM, LG still wants to make money. Well, we know that’s not happening because there is always hope. LG has been changing its strategy but to no avail. But then again, last year’s efforts may soon see good results. We don’t have the numbers right now but this 2021, LG may be more profitable.

Rumor has it that LG had already notified the employees that the smartphone business would be closed. The announcement would be later this January. Employees were also said to have been instructed to discontinue projects and developments except for Project I.

We’re taking things with a pinch of salt. LG already said the stories and details surfacing on the web are not true. They are merely rumors and employees have nothing to worry about.

Project I is the LG Rollable Smartphone that was unveiled last week at the CES 2021. We believe it’s going to make its way to production and market. LG said it will launch the rollable phone later this year.

There is still a possibility that LG may be rethinking the business. In the past, it was reported to have stopped production for a time in its native country. The numbers aren’t really good but LG is doing everything in its power to improve.

For one, it’s outsourcing low-end and mid-range phone business to ODMs. The release of the LG Wing made the consumers stop and take notice. It won’t be the first and last as LG is still willing to introduce innovations and new Explorer Projects.