LG Rollable Smartphone

The LG Rollable phone will roll out soon. By soon we mean next year in March. Well, it’s the first scheduled launch but now it may be delayed to June according to a source. If you may remember, the idea of an LG phone with a foldable, bendable, and rollable display was imagined and shared back in June. We then learned about the LG rollable smartphone codenamed B Project. We thought it’s just a concept phone but LG is usually fearless in coming out with innovative devices as it did with the LG Wing.

A patent was sighted and we saw some renders. We saw this LG Rollable which LG also promised to introduce next year. Specs have been leaked. The LG Rollable is said to come with a 7.4-inch rollable display that can be stretched to a bigger size. In phone mode, resolution will be 1080 x 2428 (20:9). In video mode, resolution is 1366 x 2428 (16:9). In productivity mode, it will be 1600 x 2428.

Other specs are as follows: 16GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, and a 4200mAh battery. When it comes to pricing, LG may sell the phone for $2,359.

The LG Rollable could be the next innovative phone from the brand. LG actually teased a phone with an extendible display right after the LG Wing’s launch. A trademark filed in Europe has been sighted and rendered already so it’s probably true.