Earlier today we saw what is believed to the Optimus G Pro for AT&T and in addition, it looks like another LG branded handset has made the required FCC visit. This latest is not quite as high-end as the previous though. The handset is the LG LS720 and it appears to be a mid-level device destined for Virgin Mobile.

Based on the model number, this could be a follow-up to the LG Optimus Slider. That handset was known as the LS700. Of course, we should point out that is nothing more than speculation based on the model number. Unfortunately, this particular FCC filing does not reveal all that much.

In fact, the specs remain mostly a mystery on this one. A look at the Mtest results for this device suggest it will be running Jelly Bean. Specifically, Android 4.1.2. Bottom line here, for now it looks like we are going to have to remain on the lookout for more details, which will hopefully arrive in the form of an official announcement from LG and/or the carrier.

Aside from this particular handset, today seems to have been a busy day for FCC related news. We already mentioned the Optimus G Pro filing, however we also saw details for the HTC Myst (also for AT&T). Key for the FCC news was in regards to Chairman Julius Genachowski who announced that he will be stepping down sometime in the coming weeks.

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