Julius Genachowski has been the FCC Chairman since June 2009, however as of this morning we are learning that will soon be coming to an end. Chairman Genachowski has officially announced plans to step down. A specific end date has yet to be announced, however Genachowski has said his time as Chairman will come to an end in the “coming weeks.”

Chairman Genachowski has been with the FCC during a time of what is described as being a “time of rapid growth and transformative change.” More to the point here, we have seen Genachowski touch on subjects to include unlicensed wireless spectrum, the use of gadgets while in-flight and perhaps key — high-speed internet.

In fact, Chairman Genachowski touched on that very subject in some of his remarks. He noted that they “adopted a landmark overhaul of multi-billion dollar universal service programs, modernizing them from telephone to broadband and creating the Connect America Fund and the Mobility Fund.” Going on to call that an “unprecedented commitment to broadband infrastructure.”

Otherwise, he also thanked all the Commision’s employees by saying that they have helped to “drive economic growth and improve the lives of all Americans.” In addition to Genachowski stepping down, we also learned that Robert M. McDowell resigned earlier this week. So far a successor has yet to be named for Genachowski.

[via FCC]