By the time you read this, LG may have probably rolled out the new smartphone already. The LG K30 will be unveiled anytime today, May 4, Friday. The only LG K phone we featured recently was the LG K8 2018 model being rebranded as the LG K9 in Russia. This is the first time we’re hearing about the LG K30 which is a follow up to the LG K20 released around the same time last year. This LG K30 will be revealed by T-Mobile and it will launch with 600MHz LTE support.

T-Mobile is one of the few networks in the United States that can offer support for such technology. It unleashed 600MHz LTE in non-priority areas in the country. The same 600 MHz LTE support was released for the LG V30 (band 71 network). Expect an improved signal and connection since T-Mobile invested billions of dollars on the 600Mhz spectrum.

T-Mobile managed to get 45% of the spectrum in a special auction organized by the FCC. The Un-Carrier then enabled its first 600Mhz network before 2017 ended. Not many devices support the technology yet. We only know the LG V30 and the unannounced LG K30. The latter is likely to be unveiled any time today so let’s wait and see.



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