The new LG V30 has been introduced as one of the fastest Android phones on the market today in terms of LTE speed. A couple of weeks ago, T-Mobile introduced Un-carrier Next that takes advantage of 600 MHz LTE support. In an effort to change wireless for good, T-Mobile has set the LG V30 to be the first to support the 600 MHz LTE sites.

Particularly, the unlocked LG V30 will support the LTE Band 71 (600 MHz) of T-Mobile. This is one exciting experience because LG V30 owners will be the first to experience super fast mobile Internet in the US. It’s almost 5G level so it’s really fast. Only the LG V30 has the new antenna that supports the 600MHz speed T-Mobile has recently activated.

The unlocked variant of the LG V30 can be used on the 600 MHz network. It’s not limited to the T-Mobile variant but also those from other American carriers.We also said earlier T-Mobile would begin in the rural areas as the spectrum is clearer there before other cities will get it. The technology is relatively new but T-Mobile and LG have teamed up to hasten the expansion of the fast Internet service across the country.

VIA: XDA Developers