After that LG G6 hands-on in Barcelona, we’re curious as to when the new premium flagship phone will be out in the market. Last week, we said that it would be out on March 10 with pre-order starting on March 2 until the 9th. Now we’ve got information if the mobile carriers in the United States will release LG’s newest flagship phone that boasts of a FullVision display.

This Spring, Verizon will be offering the LG G6 under Verizon Unlimited so you can quickly upload photos online, thanks to the ultra fast Verizon 4G LTE connectivity. Pricing starts at $80 for one line only but if you want to add more lines (max of 4), you only need to pay $45 per line. You can choose from either the black or platinum version.

AT&T will also offer the LG G6 although there is no official pre-order site yet. AT&T just put up a landing page for the model, showing the specs plus a mention of DIRECTV. The company highlighted its advantages including HD Voice, Wi-Fi Calling, and NumberSync.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile is ahead with the way it announced the LG G6 with an unboxing video:

According to T-Mobile, this is the World’s Fastest Unboxing of the LG G6. No question about that because this is the first one we’ve ever seen and all in less than two minutes. T-Mobile Expert, Product Guy & Gadget Guru Des Smith had access to the LG G6 way before it was announced. He even brought it to Mexico and went snorkeling with it. He noted that it wasn’t supposed to stay under water for so long but he did it anyway.

T-Mobile hasn’t shared much information on pricing and availability yet but it should be made known soon. The Un-Carrier will definitely offer the phone this Spring.

SOURCE: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T