Verizon will never be done with bringing its millions of subscribers the best deals in the country. For those who are always in contact with their families and loved ones abroad, the mobile carrier’s newest offering will probably make you fall in love more. No, not with your significant other but with Verizon Wireless who claims to be the next-generation network.

If you regularly call people living in the United Kingdom or Brazil, you will be happy with the Unlimited Together – World. It’ the latest international plan by Verizon that allows you to call mobile phones and landline phones with unlimited minutes for a flat rate to select countries. The unlimited calls are for more than 70 and 40 countries, respectively, but there are more than 160 other countries you can call with discounted rates. It’s already a very good deal with a minimal monthly fee of $15.

This Unlimited Together World plan is definitely more affordable. Verizon believes communication “abroad should not be limited by distance or a cut-rate network”.

Unlimited Together is the latest service added to Verizon’s suite of international services. This plan and more allow customers to be connected with their loved ones all over the world. It is said to be the best in long distance rates to 51 Latin American and Caribbean countries based on a recent competitive analysis. Take advantage of this service especially if have a plan with Unlimited talk to the US.

SOURCE: Verizon